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Micro Grid Project

Microgrid Project presents a significant opportunity in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. With the growing demand for renewable energy and the increasing frequency of power outages, Microgrids offer a reliable and sustainable solution to meet the energy needs of businesses and communities. NSW has set ambitious targets for renewable energy generation and is actively promoting the adoption of microgrid technology. As a result, there are various government incentives and funding programs available to support Microgrid development. With its strong focus on sustainability and energy security, the Microgrid business in NSW is poised for growth and presents an exciting opportunity for investors and businesses alike.

Community Battery

  • Community batteries store excess energy generated by rooftop solar systems.

  • They provide benefits to both individual households and the wider electricity grid.

  • NSW government has launched a program to install up to 3,000 community batteries across the state by 2030.

  • These batteries are being installed in areas with high levels of rooftop solar penetration.

  • Community batteries can be installed relatively quickly, typically within 6-12 months.

  • Community batteries can have a capacity ranging from 0.5MW to 30MW.

  • Projects with a capacity of 5MW to 30MW can go faster due to the simple process.

Small Generation Aggregator

  • Aggregates small-scale generation sources (e.g. rooftop solar panels) to provide a reliable energy supply to customers.

  • Helps reduce energy costs for customers and increase their energy independence.

  • Supports the growth of renewable energy and reduces carbon emissions.

  • Can provide services to the electricity grid, such as balancing supply and demand.

  • Offers a new business opportunity for small-scale energy producers.

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