100MW PV + 100MW BESS

Bonshaw  is located adjacent to TransGrid’s existing Dumaresq substation in Northern NSW which locate next to NEW renewable energy zone. The strong solar resource, QNI network upgrade provide strong project economics to support investment.

Business Presentation

DA Approval

2020.12.03 (approved)

  • DPIE NSW with IPC-N approved for DA on December 2020.

  • EIS(Environmental Impact Statement) was submitted, Oct. 2020

  • Exhibition, Nov. 2019 ~ Dec. 2019

  • Development Consent(draft ver.) was issued on Jul. 2020

Notice Of Determination Letter To Applic

CA(Grid Study) On-going

Q4 2021

  • The Project agreed for CPA(Connection Process Agreement) with TransGrid

  • The connection type is an overhead 330 kV transmission line to connect to TransGrid’s  existing Dumaresq substation

  • The Project is located in a QNI network that can sustain generation without requiring augmentation

Connection Process Agreement - GAIA Bons